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    Dear Friend,

    Discover the secrets 29,115 people are using right now to master their personal finances without drastically cutting back on their lifestyle I have a simple, easy to follow system that ANYONE can use to keep more money in their pocket and all without ….
    • Getting a better paying job
    • Earning a second income
    • Holding a garage sale
    • Or drastically cutting back on your lifestyle and living without your little luxuries.

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    Look how much money my customers have saved…

    8 months ago I owed $4,200 on credit cards. I was at least one month behind on the Telstra bill and we never ever paid our rates on time. After Simply Budgets, we have paid off our credit cards. We have just paid off the rates in full before the due date. Simply Budgets is the only thing that worked for me. Mary Sweet, Brisbane.

    Well 2 years ago I had personal loan of $7,500 I was struggling to play. I was 2 months behind in my rates and credit card payments. Then I discovered Simply Budgets so no more late fees or interest charges on the credit card cause its one day late. Keep up the good work. Annette Wisnewski, Mackay, QLD.


    18 months ago something had to be done. We were living from pay to pay and we had a $9,200 credit card debt. Now I’ve paid all credit card debt and have savings of $10,000. Tamson Mayo, Norfolk Island.


    I have struggled to pay off all my debts to the point I would max out a $25,000 credit card. I have done this 3 times. Simply Budgets showed where to find the money within my current wages to pay that debt off. Simply Budgets will turn your financial state around. Robert Jackson, Karama, NT.

    I would like you to know that I am $400 better off since I purchased your program just 6 weeks ago. I am still trying to figure out where the money came from and how much I wasted in the past? John Kirk

    If you’re sick of working hard and getting nowhere, if you’re tired of the growing mountain of bills that arrive each month, if you’re fed up with pulling your hair out with worry and frustration, then rest easy.

    This will be the most important message you’ve read all year.

    Big call? Maybe. But please let me explain…

    You see, you can take control of your financial future. Right now, starting today. And what’s more, you can do it on your present income.

    And here’s why…

    My name’s David Wright; and I know personally just how frustrating it can get when you’re snowed under with bills.

    I was working as a school teacher, the money was coming in week after week … trouble was, I just wasn’t getting ahead.

    There always seemed to be more bills than there was money! And that’s a scary feeling I can tell you!

    Does this sound familiar?

    You know what I mean. That sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the mail arrives with more bills and you don’t have a clue how you’re going to pay them. My stomach would curl up into a tight ball and I could taste the bitterness of defeat in my mouth.

    And the worry!

    It was enough to give me ulcers!

    I’ve got to tell you, it used to make me mad!

    So mad I just had to do something about it!

    I’m sure you know the feeling. I was, working my butt off and still getting nowhere. It just didn’t seem right to me. My family deserved better than this but nothing I had tried up until then had made any difference!

    What about you?

    • Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your financial situation?
    • Have you ever thought that you just can’t take it any more? The worry, the stress of never having enough money to pay your bills?
    • Do you juggle your bills; paying only the desperately urgent ones … hoping the others will somehow wait until your next pay day?
    • Are you sick of the never ending merry-go-round of bills, taxes and work?
    Put simply…

    Are You Tired Of Just Getting By?

    Don’t you think you and your family deserve better than this? Don’t you think it’s about time you did something about it and regained control over your finances?

    Well now you can do something about it.

    And now, more than ever, the answer is easy.

    It’s called Simply Budgets … a new software program I had developed that takes the guesswork out of your household budget; that hands you a ready-made solution to your financial problems.

    Here’s what a few enthusiastic customers have to say about Simply Budgets…

    Subject: Message of thanks

    Just a quick message to say that I have finally sorted out my finances. There was no way of doing this without the help of Simply Budgets. My husband and I went from a double income no kids scenario to a one income plus two children reality!

    We were convinced that I would have to go back to work just so we could make ends meet. I didn't want to put my children in day care especially my new baby but we couldn't see another way around it.

    My husband and I saw your Simply Budgets software program on one of the current affairs programs, and thought, why not give it a go!

    Well I am pleased to say that working out our finances with your software I now have the luxury of staying home to raise our two children, for at least the next ten years if I wish to!!!

    Just seeing our finances clearly in black and white made us sit up and really take notice of the things we wanted out of life.

    I just thought I would email our gratitude to you because you have now afforded me the luxury of raising my two children (with a stay at home mother by choice) and not someone else by putting them into ten hour a day day care.

    Sincerely Thank you,
    Cindy Durnan

    Another one....

    Another one....


    Subject: Thank$ a million

    Hi David, I received my copy of your wonderful program just over a week ago. Since then I have been working on it and refining my budget.

    WOW ! What a timesaver this is proving to be. For years I have worked everything out on a spreadsheet but this leaves everything else for dead.

    But what am I going to do with all the extra time? Spend the extra money I now have I suppose. It's really great thanks so much.

    Regards Norm Gibson.


    You see I realised that I needed to change the way I handled my money. Sure, you get your bank statements at the end of each month. Trouble was, bank statements only tell you what you have spent. And that doesn’t help much does it?


    Well basically, your bank statement is looking backwards. It provides a little "history lesson" about your spending. It's too late to change it, so what good is it? What I realised I needed was…

    A way of looking forward!

    So that I knew, right down to the last penny, how much money I need to have put aside on any given day and how much money I can safely spend!

    And that’s the beauty of Simply Budgets. It’s like having a crystal ball attached to your bank account … allowing you to instantly see, right on your computer screen, your financial future. It’s right there in front of you … giving you the plain simple answers that instantly solve your financial problems.

    End Money Worries Forever!

    Instead of the stress and frustration of guessing, worried out of your mind if you’ve got the money to pay the bills, you now have a “financial road map” that puts you in the driver’s seat; giving you control of your finances … giving you the power to break free of money worries forever!

    Now just imagine that for a second. How’s that going to feel?

    No more arguing over the bills, no more feelings of desperation as you try to juggle long overdue accounts; no more dread as you hear the postie pull up at your mailbox, and no more gut-wrenching worry … you can kiss it all goodbye.

    Simply Budgets will even point you to overlooked surpluses in your finances, so you can actually enjoy those occasional “special treats” that you so thoroughly deserve.

    $IMPLY BUDGETS Gives You Peace of Mind

    $IMPLY BUDGETS takes the pain out of household budgets and gives you peace of mind. And unlike most household budgets, you don’t have to add up expenses, you don’t have to balance the books, and you don’t have to be a whiz at mathematics either.

    $IMPLY BUDGETS does it all for you. Here’s how…

    What $IMPLY BUDGETS does is easy…

    • You simply enter in your current financial information.
    • Review and enter your regular expenses.
    • You review and enter your long-term expenses.
    • Then you enter in your savings or saving goals

    Simply click, then bingo!

    $IMPLY BUDGETS does the rest, giving you a custom-made blueprint of your finances so you know exactly where you are going financially.

    It prepares your perfect bank statement for the next year in advance, showing you at a glance exactly where your finances need to be up to every day.

    Not only that, you can easily see any spare money you have available. And that’s great news! No need to feel guilty about purchasing that little “something extra” that you deserve. Now you can instantly see the spare money and you know you can afford to spend it!

    Isn’t that great?

    And what’s more, it’s so simple to use!

    You don’t have to be a computer whiz to instantly start to profit from this software. In fact, many of our customers are relative newcomers to computers. They simply followed the directions in their instruction book, entered in their data, and bingo. Simply Budgets does the rest. It’s that easy.

     Here’s what some more of my customers had to say…

    Subject:- Thank you so much for a program that has
    changed my life!!!

    I recently bought your program and cannot thank you enough, for it has changed my life.

    I am (or was!) your typical young male who's wage burnt a hole in his pocket each week. On top of this I had various debts for cars, credit cards etc. totaling almost $15,000. By using your program and some good financial advice though, I have managed to turn my life around.

    My girlfriend and I have managed to clear all debt, and are well on our way to a deposit for our first home! It is an amazing advantage to be able to scroll through our statement in advance to see when we will have enough money. We have also realised that with some discipline we will even be able to cover all fees & charges leaving "the first home owner's grant" to spend on us!

    Your program has really helped us to prioritize our spending habits and cut out any unnecessary costs we used to have because the money was just there.

    This program has helped us so much that now the rest of my family is getting in on the action. I even caught my dad having a go the other night!!

    Again I thank you and hope that perhaps this positive feedback might help others realise what a fantastic program it can be.

    Max Ainscough, Noosa.

    Here’s what Katherine from Sunshine Coast experienced using the system…

    Here is just 1 example of how you will save money….

    Set and forget…that’s how easy it is!

    And it’s not like you’ve got to keep going back and checking the numbers every day. No, that’s far too hard, and who’s got time to do that these days?

    With $IMPLY BUDGETS it’s easy.

    Once a week spend just a couple a minutes to make sure you’re on track. And if any unexpected bills crop up like they sometimes do, then no worries, you know straight away at a glance how this new info will affect your finances.

    You just need to stay above the line. When you don't have a line to stay above you are constantly guessing and stressed from not knowing where you are headed. If the unexpected bill puts you below the line you know instantly that you need to do some catching up rather than finding out the day you have bills to pay and no money to pay them with.

    And it’s the same with any unexpected windfalls of cash you receive. When your budget is in order you get to keep these for yourself rather than having to top up the bank account because of unpaid bills!

    If your income goes up and down from week to week then this is no problem either. Your budget doesn’t even need adjusting. If you’re behind one week, then you will see it when you check your bank balance against your target balance. If you’re a bit ahead another week, then you will easily see this as well. You’re spare money will never get mixed up with your budgeted money ever again, even if you keep it all in the one account! Your personal budget plan keeps track of it all for you!

    It’s that easy.

    So if you want to take control of your financial future, if you’re sick of worrying about your bills and you want to take control now, then SIMPLY BUDGETS is your answer.

    29,115 satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

    29,115 enthusiastic customers know first-hand that $IMPLY BUDGETS works like magic … and that it works fast.

    And so do the major TV Networks!

    In fact, since I launched this program I’ve been blessed with media coverage. All eager to get me on their show or in their publications. All eager to share the good news with their viewers or readers and I’m happy to oblige.

    Australia’s two premier current affairs shows A Current Affair and Today Tonight have both run stories on $IMPLY BUDGETS. Not once but three times.

    Plus I’ve appeared on Brisbane Extra and numerous radio shows.

    In the USA there have been interviews about Simply Budgets on TV and radio as well.

    Heck, we even appeared in not one, but two issues of PC Authority where they reviewed and praised my software.

    Now I’m not telling you this to boast, that’s not my style. I just want you to realize that you don’t get that kind of praise if your product is lousy.

    My goal with SIMPLY BUDGETS is to give you back control of your household budget. To put you in the driver’s seat; in charge of your financial future. With my program you will discover a whole new world of stress-free living.

    The world of financial freedom awaits you right now…

    • FREEDOM from stress and frustration.
    • Freedom to spend your spare money when you want, knowing you’re not jeopardizing you future.
    • Freedom to take that holiday you deserve knowing you can afford it.
    • Freedom to make educated choices when spending your money.
    • And freedom to live your life as you want, on your terms … knowing you’re in control of your financial future.
    Now tell me, how’s that going to feel?

    Be honest … it’s gonna feel absolutely fantastic isn’t it! I know when I finally cleared myself of debt and started to move forward it was like a giant weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Like as if I was alive again … not just merely getting by in a worry-induced coma.

    And you’ll feel this way too!

    Especially when you realize just how much money you can save! Let me ask, what will you do with all those extra funds?

    Take that long overdue holiday?

    Or maybe it’s a new car that takes your fancy?

    (One of my happy customers from Perth in Western Australia was absolutely blown away when she realized after using my software that her family didn't have to put up with driving around in an old bomb car any more. After doing a number of "what-if" scenarios they were able to confidently go and buy a brand new car for the first time ever!)

    No matter what you secretly wish for, $IMPLY BUDGETS will point you to any overlooked funds that you can instantly use whichever way you choose.

    So how much does it cost?

    Now, at this stage you’re probably wondering how much this amazing piece of software is going to cost. (And the truth is, it’s not going to cost you a penny if you’re not absolutely thrilled! I’ll explain more in a minute.)

    The good news is, you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on it.

    To Order Click Here

    But before I tell you about your low investment,
    let me share something important with you.

    You know, it’s no secret there are other household budget programs out there that claim to give you the answers to your financial problems. Trouble is, most budgeting programs only give you half of the picture. They might tell you that you can make ends meet.

    But who wants to know you can "make ends meet”?

    If you're like I was, you're probably sick of looking at numbers that should work, but in practice they just don't.

    Aren’t you sick of just struggling to get by? Don’t you want more than that?

    Well SIMPLY BUDGETS gives you more ... it reveals the ‘how to’ in getting back on track, and more importantly, how to move forward and actually get ahead!

    It's Like Having Your Very Own Personal Financial Planner on Call 24 Hours a Day, at Just a Fraction of the Price!

    Can you imagine getting a Financial Planner or an Accountant to do this for you? To hand you a ready-made roadmap of your financial future?

    Can you imagine what that would cost?

    Well it would probably be in the thousands of dollars believe me. And that’s gotta hurt! And that’s if they agreed to do it in the first place. A lot of Financial Planners won’t even consider it. They’re just not concerned with small accounts. In their opinion, ordinary folks are just not worth their while.

    But I’m not asking for thousands of dollars. In fact, I’m not even talking hundreds here.

    Right now, this very minute, you can get your own copy of $IMPLY BUDGETS for the one low investment of just $129. That’s it … no more to pay.

    Now just imagine this…

    • Within minutes of receiving this program you can start to regain control of your finances.
    • Within minutes you can start preparing your own financial roadmap.
    • Within minutes, experience the same joy and sense of freedom that 29,115 previous customers have already enjoyed.
    And that’s not all.

    Even though the $IMPLY BUDGETS software is so easy to use, we wanted to make it even easier so you can instantly use the power it contains to rid yourself of financial pressures.

    Included with your software you also get…

    The $IMPLY BUDGETS Software Support. I sat in front of my computer and recorded the screen and my voice as I explained every aspect of using the Simply Budgets software. I placed a button on every screen in the software so you can watch as I explain just that bit you are working on. You will know exactly what to do if you are not sure. Not only that, there are also help pages available on each screen as well. You may not want to watch video's but prefer to read and see screen images instead. It's all in there and you can come back to it as a reference at any time you like.

    The $IMPLY BUDGETS Software Support.

    I provide full e-mail support in the unlikely event you have any questions. I'm here to help. My software is designed to provide you with the answers you need. My experience and expertise is also available for you to draw on. I don't even know how to place a value on that!

    Your investment is absolutely risk-free. Here’s why…

    I want you to be totally thrilled with your investment so I guarantee your purchase!

    Outrageous 365-Day
    Money Back Guarantee!


    You have one full year to try out SIMPLY BUDGETS. If after that year you don’t believe you are at least TEN TIMES the purchase price better off than before you purchased my program, then I insist you contact me and demand your money back! Your investment will be promptly and courteously refunded. No questions asked!

    So quite simply, if you don't find at least $1,290 worth of benefits you wouldn’t have found without SIMPLY BUDGETS, then you get your money back. The only thing I ask is that you MUST use the software. (If you haven't used it, it won't be my fault you didn't get results!)

    Now, why would I offer such an over-the-top guarantee?

    Well there are a few good reasons… One is, I know how good this software is. I know you’ll easily be more than $1290 better off in your first year. In fact, many of my customers benefit by much more than this. So I can easily guarantee my product.

    Another is that I am realistic enough to realize it's impossible to please everyone and I don't want one unhappy customer, so I'd rather give the money back and have a happy refunded customer than one unhappy one.

    Also, I know you may be skeptical. And I know sometimes when you purchase products over the Internet it can be a bit daunting. I mean, who do you trust?

    So I want you to be able to purchase in confidence. So that you know, right from the start, if the software isn’t all that I’ve promised and more, you get your money back. Quickly, easily, and without any fuss. So now your choice is easy.

    In just minutes you can begin to regain control over your finances. Within minutes, you can let the stress and frustrations of money worries slip from your shoulders.

    And look, if you’ve read this far, you’re interested in this software. So don’t let this chance of a new start pass you by. I mean, aren’t you sick to death of the worry and frustration of never having enough money to cover your bills?

    Aren’t you sick and tired of just getting by?

    Don’t you think you deserve the peace of mind that only financial security can give you?

    Of course you do … we all do.

    So don’t throw away your chance of a brand new start!

    Think of your family. Heck, be selfish! Think of yourself and your new life of financial security. Think of the chance to be lying on the beach in Hawaii.

    I urge you to order this software now and taste the freedom on offer. Your investment is completely covered … so why wait?

    Your order will be delivered electronically within seconds of being processed. If it does not appear in your inbox within two minutes you had better check your junk mail folder because we deliver instantly! (There is an option to purchase a hard copy but we still deliver electronically as well in that case.)

    To Order Click Here

    Ask yourself honestly … are you really in a position to let your financial security continue to slide? Are you going to continue to operate without a plan, just getting by from one week to the next, dreading the bills, trying to ignore the nagging feelings of dread and gloom?

    You need to take charge, and take charge now!

    You’re just moments away from changing your life for the better. The financial freedom and security you crave can now be yours … instantly with a click of your mouse. You too can end money worries forever. Say goodbye to financial pressures and embrace a whole new world of financial freedom! Get your household budget in order.

    To Order Click Here

    Here’s to you and your exciting new future.

    Warm Regards,
    David Wright

    P.S. If you continue down the same track you’ll get the same results. Life’s too short to be constantly under the hammer of financial pressure. You owe it to yourself to take control and order your copy of SIMPLY BUDGETS now.

    P.P.S. Remember, your investment is completely risk-free. Take a full 365 days to see if the software is all its cracked up to be. If you’re not happy, for any reason or no reason at all … simply contact me and you’ll get a complete refund.

    Plus, I even guarantee you’ll feel at least $1,290 better off within the next year or your money back. Now I can’t be any fairer than that can I?

    So just a reminder, here's what you get.

    • A copy of my Simply Budgets Personal software.
    • The software Demonstrations all built in
    • The easy to follow User Guides

    To Order Click Here

    An example of a software demonstration is given below.




    Simply Budgets for personal financial budgeting